July 26, 2017

TriangleAlso known as “Three Foolish Brothers,” Triangle is a drama about three brothers who reunite after 20 years through twist of events, ever since the death of their parents from two decades ago.

Jang Dong Soo the oldest brother become a detective, while Dong Chul the middle brother uses an alias name Heo Young Dal to become the boss of a crime gang. The youngest, Dong Woo, grows into a cold person after being adopted by a rich family.

Main Cast:
Lee Bum Soo as Jang Dong Soo
No Young Hak as young Jang Dong Soo
Kim Jae Joong as Jang Dong Chul / Heo Young Dal
Im Si Wan as Jang Dong Woo / Yoon Yang Ha
Oh Yun Soo as Hwang Shin Hye
Kim So Hyun as young Hwang Shin Hye
Baek Jin Hee as Oh Jung Hee

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