The Three Musketeers

July 27, 2017

The Three MusketeersBased on the original novel of the same title written by Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers will be re-produced by setting Joseon dynasty as the background. It will put together the story of Prince So Hyun of Joseon dynasty from the 17th century with the story of The Three Musketeers, which sets 17th century France as the background. This drama is a fushion sageuk about the story of Park Dal Hyang and the Three Musketeers (Prince So Hyun, Heo Seung Po, and Ahn Min Seo) who travel through China during the Joseon era.

Main Cast:
The Three Musketeers
Lee Jin Wook as Crown Prince So Hyun
Yang Dong Geun as Heo Seung Po
Jung Hae In as Ahn Min Seo
Jung Yong Hwa as Park Dal Hyang

Park Dal Hyang’s Home:
Lee Kyun as Pan Soi

Royal Palace:
Seo Hyun Jin as Kang Bin
Kim Myung Soo as King In Jo

Ministers of Joseon:
Park Young Kyu as Kim Ja Jum
Jun Noh Min as Choi Myung Gil

Threats of Joseon:
Yoo In Young as Mi Ryung
Kim Sung Min as Yong Gol Dae
Park Sung Min as No Soo

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