Romance Town

July 18, 2017

Romance TownNoh Soon-geum is a spunky young woman whose mother and grandmother worked as housemaids, and due to poverty, finds herself continuing the tradition. Her life reaches a turning point when she wins the lottery, with a pot money of $13 million USD.

Determined to keep her irresponsible father away from her money, Soon-geum stays on at her job and keeps her newfound wealth (stashed away in boxes and boxes of cash) a secret from the residents of her ritzy neighborhood, including her maid friends and her boss’s irritable, disagreeable son Kang Gun-wook, with whom she shares a past. But as Soon-geum and Gun-wook later fall in love, her secret eventually gets revealed, and greed and betrayal mount in the neighborhood, from maids and masters alike.

Main cast:
Sung Yu-ri as Noh Soon-gum
Jung Gyu-woon as Kang Gun-woo
Kim Min-joon as Kim Young-hee
Min Hyo-rin as Jung Da-kyum

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