Queen of Mystery 2

March 1, 2018
Queen of Mystery 2

Genres: Comedy, Mystery

You Seol Ok, a prosecutor’s wife, has always wanted to become a police officer for her entire life. She finally earns the opportunity after meeting Ha Wan Seung, a passionate detective who helps her dream come true. Instead of dealing with major cases that involve psychopaths or serial killers, Queen of Mystery 2 deals with crimes that can happen to anyone at any moment. It will also share an accurate information about crimes and ways to deal with them in real life.

Starring: Choi Kang-hee, Jang Yoo-sang, Kim Hyun-Sook, Kim Jong-su, Kim Min-sang, Kim Tae-woo, Kim Won-hae, Kwon Sang-Woo, Lee Da-hee, Min Sung-wook, Oh Min-seok, Park Byung-eun