Perseverance Goo Haera

July 29, 2017

Perseverance Goo HaeraThe female main character, Go Hae Ra who is always unlucky with whatever she does, her one-sided love, Kang Se Jong, who is a genius student at KAIST, and his fraternal twin, Kang Se Chan experience failure and breakdown after they participated in an audition as team, which they finally overcome. The drama unfolds a complex but romantic love story amongst the three characters.

Perseverance Members
Min Hyo Rin as Goo Hae Ra
Kim Ji Young as child Hae Ra
Kwak Shi Yang as Kang Se Jong
Jung Jin Young as Kang Se Chan
Henry as Henry Chen Tao
Park Kwang Sun as Jang Goon
Yoo Sung Eun as Lee Woo Ri

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