Hong Gil-dong

July 22, 2017

Hong Gil-dongHong Gil Dong is the son of a minister. Due to the strict Confucian laws of the Joseon Dynasty, Gil Dong, born an illegitimate child, is not accepted by his father and family. After struggling severe discrimination by family and society, Gil Dong escaped and decided to become a bandit leader. Gil Dong robbed from the corrupt officials only to give to the poor citizens. His popularity within the peasant society soars, and many view him as a hero. Drama “Hong Gil Dong the Hero”, based on the original novel, describes a righteous hero Gil Dong. However, the drama focuses more on the comic and cheerful characters on Gil Dong, his unexpected love Lee Nok, and Chang Hwu, his closest friend and rival at the same time. On purpose, actors in their twenties were mainly cast to give a fresh spirit. Every character has its own origin in the Korean traditional literature like Sim Cheong Jeon (story of filial duty), Jang Hwa Hong Ryeon Jeon (story of sisterhood and stepmother), which makes the drama series more funny and authentic to the tastes of audiences.

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