Glowing She

July 23, 2017

Glowing SheJun Ji-Hyun (So E-Hyun) is a 31-year-old single woman. She works for a big company. Jun Ji-Hyun is more than capable at her job, but her boss frequently steals her work from her. This time, Jun Ji-Hyun decides that she will keep her project proposal, which she has worked diligently on for 2 months. She travels to Japan with her co-workers to make the presentation on the project proposal. When she gets to the conference room, Jun Ji-Hyun discovers that her name is not on the cover of the project proposal. Instead of her name, her boss’s name is on the cover once again. Jun Ji-Hyun has reached her boiling point. She yells at her boss then goes back to her hotel room. Still, Jun Ji-Hyun can’t quit her job and at night joins her boss and co-workers for drinks. There, she is humiliated further when her boss states that he doesn’t approve of women who work hard and they are better off marrying. She gets up and goes to the bathroom. Meanwhile, PD No Yong-Woo (Park Kwang-Hyun) works as a famous producer. He travels to Japan to cast Kang Min (Kim Hyung-Joon), who is a superstar. They two men do not get along. PD No Young Woo goes to the filming set where Kang Min is working and they end up having an argument. That night, PD No Yong-Woo goes to a bar with his friend. At the bar, he spots Jun Ji-Hyun with her co-workers. At the same time, Kang Min and a woman walk into the bar. When Jun Ji-Hyun gets up to go to the bathroom she bumps into Kang Min. Because of the bump, Kang Min drops a bottle of wine. He becomes angry and follows Jun Ji-Hyun. PD No Yong-Woo sees this and proceeds to follow them. In front of the restroom, the three people face each other. PD No Yong-Woo and Jun Ji-Hyun knew each other in the past, but stopped seeing each other two years ago. Kang Min demands that Jun Ji-Hyun pay for the wine. PD No Yong-Woo shouts at Kang Min that the wine was a gift from his boss and he shouldn’t expect payment for it. Kang Min then demands that Jun Ji-Hyun pay PD No Yong-Woo for the bottle of wine and leaves. Jun Ji-Hyun leaves for the restroom. Jun Ji-Hyun goes back to the bar and pours ice on her boss. She leaves the bar and goes back to Korea. Jun Ji-Hyun quits her job and decides to pursue her dream of becoming a writer for a current affairs TV show.

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